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Past Projects

We are always open to new and exciting projects, as well as some of the more hum-drum jobs that are needed in order to keep your business ticking over. Here is a sample of some of the things we have been involved in recently, and if you have a project then please get in touch for an initial consultation.

Bookshelf Broadcast

01 - Healthcare

Custom website with RSVP for Livestream event

Working with our partners at Tympani we built a new website allowing people to RSVP to a live streaming event invitation and to view the event with a Vimeo Studio integration including online chat with the presenters.

02 - Aviation

Knack Database Application

We helped to build an online Knack database to help track customers through a product migration. This project involved complex data transformations and merges to bring the information together from various non-connected sources.

Data Cloud
Online Learning

03 - Aviation

Articulate 360 eLearning Course

We worked with pilots and key subject matter experts to build a series of modules for flight operations in hazardous areas. Using Articulate 360, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Audition this content has a high criticality and has to be accurate and correct.

04 - Marine

Moodle LMS & eLearning

We configured KeelCrab Academy for our client and created custom-built eLearning modules for safely operating an underwater drone used to clean yachts with.

Call Center Employee

05 - Aviation

Knowledge Bases and Articles

Using Freshdesk we created support articles for multiple products to help customers self-service themselves when they need help, reducing the numbers of support tickets raised that agents have to deal with and saving money and time.

06 - Film & Broadcast

Website Build

Using WiX we purpose-built a new website and delivered training to our clients on how to maintain a WiX website, removing the need to involve 3rd party website editors who were proving costly and slow to respond to requests.

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