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Instructional Design

Course Authoring

The creation of a new training course can be a complicated thing if you don't know how to break it down into pieces that align with your target audience and training objectives. We have over 25 years experience in course design and authoring using traditional classroom based training, eLearning and blended training.


Knowledge Tek is not tied to one particular toolset, so we are able to combine tools from all of the best vendors in the creation of a visually stunning and interactive course. Our experience lies mostly with the following tools:

  • Articulate Storyline and Rise 360 (for eLearning)

  • Adobe Captivate (for software simulations)

  •  VYOND (for whiteboard animations and video)

  • Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word (for training manuals and infographics)

  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (for graphics and supporting diagrams)

  • Adobe Premier Pro (advanced video)

  • Adobe Audition and Audacity (for voiceovers, text to speech and sounds)

  • Microsoft PowerPoint (for classroom presentations)

  • TT-Performance Suite including TT-Knowledge Force (for software simulations and documentation)

  • SAP Enable Now


We are familiar with all of the common course design methods and project management, including ADDIE, Agile, flipped classrooms, micro learning, 70-20-10, Blooms Taxonomy etc so if you have a preferred in-house process that you follow we can slot right in.

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