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Online Help

Help At The Point Of Need

If you are an application developer, then your time is most effectively used creating new features and functionality to go into your applications. You probably spend a great deal of time getting the user experience (UX) design to be be a simple as possible, trying to remove the possibility of your application users needing help in the first place.

Unfortunately, people are human and from time to time, they are just going to get stuck and need help. Writing the help files that go into your application stops you coding new features and functionality. This is where we can help. Using industry standard tool sets like Madcap Flare and RoboHelp we can create meaningful, responsive HTML5 content to embed straight into your application. 

Combining our experience with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products means we can embed into your rich videos, graphics and illustrations to create clear explanations and describe complex concepts.  That way you spend more time coding and less time documenting.

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