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The Knowledge Tek Logo


Our logo depicts a tree growing up out of a book, with the idea being that the more knowledge you gain, the healthier and happier you (as the tree) will be.

There is no religious or ancient symbolism with the tree of knowledge intended with our logo which bore the forbidden fruit (according to the bible) which Adam and Eve ate, releasing evil into the world.

Our Colour Scheme

Our logo uses the following colour scheme:

Tree foliage - blue R22 G139 B178 Hex #168bb2

Tree trunk - tan R154 G150 B96 Hex #9a9660

Book - crimson R255 G37 B92 Hex #ff255c

The Tagline

Our tagline is "Training & Technical Support". This is because we help organizations create knowledge in the form of training courses in any format and knowledge bases and support ticketing systems. The technical support aspect of the tagline is particularly relevant when supporting Instructional Designers with sometimes difficult course authoring tools.

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