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Training & Technical Support

Knowledge Tek are specialists in Training & Technical Support, working across all sectors and industries to create blended and traditional training courses. We document systems and processes to create corporate knowledge and use this in product support portals to reduce workload on your support desk agents.

Aero Sector Specialists
Aero Sector Specialists
Aero Sector Specialists
Aero Sector Specialists

We teach people things. Really good things.

And we do it globally, in their local language

All Sectors | Technical Manuals | Training Manuals | Instructor Materials | eLearning | Quick Reference Guides & Short Instructions | Flipped Classrooms | Instructional Design | Reports | Databases | Online & Remote | Info-graphics | Training Videos | Quizzes | Course Feedback Surveys | Instructor Training

Training & Instructional Design Services

Knowledge Tek was founded in order to create training courses, traditional as well as computer based eLearning. Our broad range of tools and many years of experience is what makes us different. We are not tied to any one approach, but instead design custom solutions for our customers that are best in breed. We work with small as well as large companies throughout the world, creating courses in almost any language needed.

Instructional Design

Authoring Training Courses

Do you need a new training course building for you or just a revamp of an old course? If so, then we can help on large and small projects, no matter the difficulty or perceived difficulties. We bring over 25 years of learning and development experience and a can-do attitiude. Because we are not tied to any particular toolset, we can mix and match different solutions to create compelling and engaging learning experiences for your learners.

Business Meeting

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Expert Guidance

With years of experience, we have the capabilities and expertise to take your training to the next level. We help you select, brand, configure and maintain your LMS so you can keep detailed training records on your learners progress.

Service, 24/7
Help at the point of need
Support Desk Agents

We create corporate knowledge

And use it to support your customers and reduce support desk workload

Product Support Portals | Email Support | Intelligent Voice Routing & Telephone Support | Support Tickets | Prioritization | Service Level Agreements | Knowledge Bases | Chat Bots |  Reporting & Trend Analysis | Product Forums | Roadmaps | Automation | Integration | Customer Feedback | Surveys

Support Desk Services

We reduce the load on your support desk agents, from level 1 to level 3 support. With fewer support tickets being escalated through to level 3 we reduce your costs and increase customer satisfaction. Create a corporate knowledge base, make it searchable and provide help at the point of need, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Support Desk Optimization

Reduce Support Tickets

If your support desk personnel are overloaded and struggling to keep your clients happy, we use state of the art tools to reduce hum-drum, time consuming and costly level 1 and 2 tickets allowing your experts to focus on level 3 support.

Skilled in the creation of Knowledge Bases we can easily create corporate knowledge. Alternatively, introduce help at the point of need and let your clients self-service their own support queries.

Business Meeting

Online Help

Help At The Point Of Need

If you create applications that need online help created that goes into them, then we can help you. Using innovative techniques with toolsets like RoboHelp or Madcap Flare we can document your application and support your users through whatever task or process they are doing.


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