Using Object Images in TT-Knowledge Force

Object Images in Tutorial Controls

We are going to show you how to create a better looking set of instructions in TT Knowledge Force to go into your tutorial control.

Every object that is recognised during a TT-KF recording process has an image associated with it and the image area is defined as part of the interaction on that step. In fact, if object recognition was to fail and then if you don’t define  a name to the interaction and a type, then the interaction will default to just being an image. For example:

It’s only when the name and type are defined, that the instructions in the tutorial control will start having the right text in them. For example:

In this example, the interaction was defined as a name of “Tripkit” and a type of “Menu Item”. These are normally picked up automatically by object recognition and the text is constructed from what was performed during the recording (e.g. “Click”) and the name and type of the object.

If the name and the type are not defiend, then the tutorial control will revert to just showing the image associated with the interaction e.g.

Some people like the image over the text and other people prefer the text over the image. But, can you have the best of both worlds? Yes, you can.

Combining Images and Text in the Tutorial Control

It is quite simple to combine both the text and the image view in the instructions within the tutorial control. To do this, start off by copying the image into the mouse by right clicking on the green box that surrounds the interaction and “Copy object image to clipboard”.

Then, press ALT + C or from the START ribbon click on the Edit Comment button.

You can now position your cursor at the place in the text where you want to show the image and paste it in.

The result is that the tutorial control now has both the instruction text and the image of the object you clicked on.

Adding Images at the Recording Stage

If you haven’t yet taken a recording of your process, then adding in the images to your tutorial control is even easier if you set your user preferences like this:

We hope this helps you all with your editing! If you have any comments then please leave them in the space below.

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