Using Image Trace in Adobe Illustrator

Why Trace Images?

Many of the images that we want to use in presentations, eLearning or manuals may not be quite as you would want them to be. There are many repositories of content out there that can be easily adapted once you know how to. Don’t start from scratch with a drawing when you can modify an existing sketch or illustration to suit your own requirements. (Note: always remember to attribute the original author of course and ensure the licence agreement is suitable). The basis of making any modifications is to start off by tracing the source image and converting it into a vector graphic.

How To Trace a PNG Image to Make A Scalable Vector Graphic

In the video below we show you very quickly how to create your own scalable vector graphics from a PNG image. In this case our source image came from Freepik at, so THANKS for letting us use this as an example guys.

(Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY)

Once an image has been traced, modify it using the standard tools built into Adobe Illustrator.

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