User Productivity Kit (UPK) Sunset Planning

UPK Premier Support Ends in April 2019
Oracle discontinues the development of User Productivity Kit. No major feature release will follow the current 12.1 version.

Upgrade Planning

UPK is being discontinued and sunsetted, which could be a major source of concern for all the businesses currently using it. If you are an unfortunate business owner you may not be aware that there is a well-proven route that will allow you to continue using all your existing UPK content which is still current, whilst still allowing you to continue adding new (non-UPK content) and to make it accessible to your user-base with new, award-winning, context-sensitive technology. Interested? If so, continue reading to find out more.

Existing UPK Content

All existing UPK content can be exported in a few clicks to a .zip file. This .zip file contains everything needed to transfer it to the new system. From the folder structure, select the content that you wish to export and then go to Tools | Export | Documents. You will only then need to specify where to save it and switch the file format to .zip. You can see how it works from You Tube here.

Introducing a Replacement Tool – TT Performance Suite

Our partners over at TT-S make a product called TT-Performance Suite (TT-PS for short). This tool combines best-in-class content authoring (TT-Knowledge Force with Object Recognition) and context sensitive distribution using Quick Access. The screenshot below shows a user who is in Microsoft Word and the Quick Access panel to the right hand side. Quick Access uses context sensitivity to know that you are in Word and is helpfully suggesting guides, eLearning, documentation and more to assist you. It’s sometimes known as an EPSS (Electronic Performance Support System).

Quick Access is the panel on the right hand side.

The first step in an upgrade path from UPK is to import your existing content into Quick Access and enable context sensitivity with it.

Importing UPK Content

TT-Performance Suite uses a very simple wizard to control the import process. There are only 4 simple steps and the last step asks you which .zip file you need to import from UPK. The first 3 steps only require you to define some basic information, which can be copied and pasted from UPK if you need.

Step 4 points to the UPK .zip file

One the UPK content has been uploaded, TT-Performance Suite then automatically unpacks it and it is available for users with Quick Access.

Life Going Forward

Once you have up-cycled your UPK content, then you can create new content with TT-Performance Suite and TT-Knowledge Force. This is the ultimate machine when it comes down to high quality, rapid and efficient content authoring. Training manuals, quick reference guides, eLearning (with very similar modes to UPK (interactive mode, presentation mode, and film modes) replace the See It, Try It and Do It modes from UPK) and more all come out from the same content editor. We’ve been blogging about many of these features for a while now and we’re sold on them.

As your old content from UPK becomes outdated, then you simply replace it with new content from TT-Knowledge Force and TT-Performance Suite. There are also good possibilities about re-using this old content and converting it.

If you would like to find out more about this exciting upgrade route, then please contact us to arrange a demo and kick off the conversation.

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