Learning Tech 2018 Summer Forum Presentation

Getting More From Learning Objects

Thanks to everybody who attended todays Learning Technologies Summer forum. The topic in question was “How to get more from learning objects?” and we had three main ideas and a bonus idea.

In summary:

Idea #1 – Extend the content authoring repository and leverage AICC within your LMS. This greatly reduces the maintenance effort required when learning objects change when compared to SCORM.

Idea #2 – Use meta data, especially custom built meta data when curating and organising your learning objects. Because learning objects are small, you need meta data to describe them and help organise them.

Idea #3 – Extend the use of your learning objects into a support desk and use them as the foundation for a knowledge base. This can deflect support tickets from being raised and reduce the overall cost of support and give a better customer experience.

Download the full presentation from here (English only) to see the bonus idea.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please contact us.

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