The Key Elements to Help at The Point of Need

What You Want, When You Need It

EPSS (Electronic Performance Support Systems) and help at the point of need are closely related topics. The key concept is that somebody is within a piece of software on in a system and they are struggling to know how to operate it properly. This could be a process based question, E.g. “what is the process for booking in dangerous goods into a warehouse?” or more simply “which button or field do I need to complete and click on next?”

All sorts of eLearning, quick reference guides, standard operating procedures, training manuals etc can be efficiently and easily created in order to answer these questions, but the dilemma is giving the person who is struggling the correct piece of content at the time that they need it.

This is where Knowledge Tek Ltd can help you.

We can embed context sensitive information into your content which can be served up to the user when they need it, i.e. actually within the application they are working on.

Addionally, as an administrator we can push notifications out to your users when they access certain pages within your application. Imagine the scenario where the process to book the said dangerous goods into the warehouse has changed and there are some new important steps that the user has to perform in the application. We can notify them that the process has changed and provide the new instructions. All at the point of need.

If you would like to arrange a demo where we can show you how context sensitive help at the point of need works, then please contact us today.