Technical Trainers Checklist for Overseas Courses

Flying abroad to deliver a training course?

Heading Away to Deliver a Course?

As trainers we often get asked to travel in order to deliver a training course. However, leaving your home territory can bring some more logistical things to think about so we decided to put together a checklist of some of the more common things to think about when packing. This is aimed at delivery of a course in a technical environment, so you will need to adapt it and do some of your own thinking!

Personal Stuff and Travel

Starting off the list, these are the things you need for yourself..! Nothing to do with the course, just the basics. Try and get to where you need to be in plenty of time to set up everything!

  • Appropriate attire for the location and weather
  • Any mandatory safety PPE
  • Clothes for the evening
  • Books to other activites to amuse yourself with when you are on your own and bored
  • Gym kit
  • Washbag and personal items
  • Money and credit cards
  • Don’t forget to tell the bank that you are travelling in case they put your cards on stop
  • Tickets
  • Passport
  • Hotel booking and directions
  • Taxi / hire car bookings if needed
  • Car park booking if needed
  • Loyalty cards for hotel, airport, hire cars etc..
  • Phone

Things for the Classroom

This category covers the classroom arrangements and things you may want to consider taking with you. If the course is in the middle of nowhere, you could need to put in some extra thinking.

  • Risk assessment / fire escape procedures / alarms
  • Training manuals (either take them or ship them so they arrive in plenty of time)
  • Your laptop(s) with all the appropriate files loaded and software
  • Projector
  • Laser pointer
  • Mouse
  • Speakers (if needed)
  • Power cables and adapters for local sockets
  • USB/Ethernet or any other comms cables you need
  • Flipchart and pens or whiteboard arrangements
  • Wifi or other connectivity e.g. 4G?
  • Username and passwords for any sites/software you are using
  • PC’s or laptops for the students to use (ship or arrange locally)
  • Duck tape to hold down trip hazzards
  • Sign-in sheet and register of students expected to attend
  • Names of local contacts and telephone numbers / email addresses
  • Course feedback sheets and questionnaires

Student Bits and Bobs

Everything the student expects from the worlds best technical trainer.

  • They always like company gifts and freebies..!
  • Notepad
  • Pen
  • Name card / badges
  • CD/DVD/USB with software packs and resources on it

When Things go Wrong

This list contains some of the most useful things to have up your sleeve in case something screws up.

  • External hard disks for backups and transferring of files
  • USB sticks (as above but for more often-used files)
  • Contacts for support desks and escalation points
  • Alternative logins and “Plan B” methods of continuing training if the wifi/internet/connection fails
  • Tools for running repairs to kit
  • A spare projector bulb?
  • Pre-prepared backup presentations and exercises


We’re pretty sure that there are a whole load of other things that you should consider taking in addition to this list. Let us know in the space below what they are!


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