Recruitment Consultant Spam Emails

Recruitment Spam Emails

Today I feel like having a bit of a rant which is aimed primarily at the recruitment sector. What’s casued this angst? It’s the never ending targetting of emails asking me to apply for jobs that are completely and utterly irrelevant to me, just like the example above. I am not an Industrial Mechanical Fitter and I have no idea why this lady would ever think that I am a suitable candidate for a role as an Industrial Mechanical Fitter!

I do like seeing emails from recruiters that are actually relevant to Learning & Development though. They keep me informed as to the skills that are most in demand as well as the current rates. And, you never know, one day the perfect job may come along that I might want to apply for. But, if there is anybody in the recruitment sector out there reading this, PLEASE fix the bad recruiters that pay little, to no regard to how they select the people that they think are relevant for a specific job. As an industry, it is doing you damage. Surely I am not the only person being bombarded with irrelevant job specs?

Yes, I know that there are good recruitment companies out there as well as the bad ones. It must be up to those recruiters to put pressure on the bad ones to fix things. I can’t imagine that a bad recruiter even thinks of such issues as being a problem.

Moreover, if I was person looking to recruit into an Industrial Mecahnical Fitter position, then I want the recruiter to target the best candidates that they have on record, not all candidates that seem to have a key word match. It’s encumbent on the recruiter to make sure they are selecting the best and most relevant people to advertise the position to. I would be annoyed to think that I was spending good money with a recruitment consultant only to find out that they were not doing their job properly.

Just as a thought, I wonder if there are any GDPR breaches taking place here by the same recruiters as well…? Do they have all the right privacy policies in place and the right to be forgotten?

At least there was an unsubscribe set of instrutions at the bottom of the email, so right now I think it’s time for me to follow yet another process that I didn’t sign up to in the first place…

Happy recruiting!





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