Support Desk Optimisation

Reduce Support Tickets

If your support desk personnel are overloaded and struggling to keep your clients happy, we use state of the art tools and our partner network to reduce hum-drum, time consuming level 2 and 3 tickets allowing your experts to focus on level 1 support.

A support team grouped around a table looking at help desk tickets

As your user base increases in size and there are more and more people bashing away at their keyboards and mice, there are undoubtedly going to be an increase in queries. Traditionally companies establish help desks, but as a user base grows, the size of the help desk also needs to grow to keep up with the tickets being logged.

Luckily there are a host of technlogies out there that can help you, to help your users self-service themselves without having to raise a support ticket at all. The key to these systems is having a pool of pre-prepared answers to all the commonly raised tickets and to deflect people to a knowledge base before they raise a ticket.

We follow a 3 step process when reducing your ticket count:

  1. We analyse historical records of your support tickets to determine the questions that keep coming up on a most frequent basis.
  2. We efficiently create easy and simple “how to” guides using one of the most appropriate authoring tools available, or by mixing authoring tools to find the most appropriate blend. Some of these tools can even allow users to be guided in the application directly!
  3. We publish the guides and ensure that the expected reduction in tickets is realised.

In addition to these steps, we also put in place a LMS so you can push training courses to your support desk personnel as well as your customers. Well trained people are less likely to raise tickets in the first place, and if they do you need support people who know how to answer the questions.

Additionally, for geographically diverse customer bases, there could be some merit in translating your knowledge base into different languages and once again, the key to this process is being able to do the translation efficiently. We use .XLIFF to help us achieve this.

If you’d like to find out more about reducing the reliance on your support desk people, contact us.