Online Help Integration

Application Help

Old fashioned help file formats are no longer appropriate in todays technological landscape. Responsive designs that suit a variety of different devices are the order of the day. Now is the time to reuse your training materials and integrate them into your online help.

Do you need to update your applications help system and give your users a little more help than they are getting today?

Intergrate Knowldedge into Adobe Robohelp through the import wizard
Re-using content between different applications is a key component of our methodology

Online help is the term used for the window that pops-up when you press F1 on the keyboard or select “Help” from a menu bar. Microsoft really started the ball rolling with online help file formats using the .CHM file types (Compiled HTML).

The problem with CHM files though is that they don’t react to the device being used. This has been solved using HTML5 responsive help systems and a couple of the market leaders for authoring responsive help are Adobe with their RoboHelp application and the relatively new upstart, Madcap, with their Flare product.

Integrate Tools for Efficiency

Learning how to use both of these online help authoring systems is relatively simple, and although we could teach you how to use them, that isn’t the main focus of our service offering. Instead, we integrate document authoring systems that create content very efficiently with the online help authoring system and also with EPSS (Electronic Performance Support Systems, also known as “help at the point of need” or “context sensitive help”). The benefits of this are:

  • Using the same content makes it reusable without having to write it again
  • Be consistent with your training and technical documentation
  • Reduce the workload on your Subject Matter Experts
  • It can be easily translated into local language for your application users

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