Local Language Translation (XLIFF)

Create Content That Your Readers Can Easily Read Using Language Translation

All too often we forget that English isn’t the only language in the world. In fact some lists show that English is only 4th in the list of the most commonly spoken languages. Therefore, as creators of knowledge, we need to do more to disseminate this knowledge without creating a barrier to the reader.

Luckily there are technologies out there to hep you with this and Knowledge Tek is fully up to speed with them. One of the key file formats we use is XLIFF.

A picture showing an XLIFF file being created
XLIFF is a file format that makes translation quick and easy

Using XLIFF we can create content in an initial language, for example English and then export it in XLIFF for sending to a translation house. Using specialist software translators can run both machine translation as well as human translation, build in quality control checks and return a completed XLIFF file for updating your original English language. Why do we use this method over just translating it directly in the original authoring application? Well, using memory banks we can maintain a translation history, keeping costs down and quality up.

Competitive Pricing

Prices to translate into a local language from English start at just £60 +VAT per 1000 words (depending on the language). When you are using XLIFF format, the real benefit is felt when you import the translated XLIFF file back into your authoring tool and see the content automatically switch into a different language.

To find out more about how this works, contact us for an initial discussion.