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Learning Management Systems (LMSs)

With years of experience, we have the capabilities and expertise to take your training to the next level. We help you select, brand, configure and maintain your LMS so you can keep detailed training records on your learners progress.

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LMS’s all basically do the same things, they allow you to configure courses, be they eLearning, classroom or remote and then assign those courses to people so they can take them. There are some nuances though with all of them.

  • The ways that you configure courses differ depending on how you have designed them

  • Learners will normally need to have an account or profile built so the LMS knows how to contact them and so administrators can assign them to courses

  • LMSs track the course completions of learners as they progress through courses, so reports can be generated. Most LMSs come with standard reports but you can also often build custom reports if they are needed

  • You may need to arrange multiple courses into a learning path or programme of courses, for example an induction programme

  • Some LMSs may offer different integration services, such as an eCommerce integration so you can sell your courses online or integrations with social media etc.

    Some free LMSs like Moodle can cost more in the long term than a paid-for LMS

Knowing the ins and outs of different LMSs is very important when you intially purchase one. You need to make sure that it’s going to fit the needs of your business. We can help you with this as well as the branding, user and course configuration and ongoing maintenance of an LMS. For example, we can:

  • Brand your LMS for you using your colours, logos and corporate styles

  • Configure large numbers of people in your LMS for you (often through an Excel import)

  • Help you create courses and modules (eLearning, film, etc) or advise on the best way of arranging courses, course catalogues, programms and learning paths

  • Help you with the daily administrative tasks

  • Configure email templates and automated communications to your learners, managers and HR personnel

  • Perform clean-up exercises on your databases of users and courses if they are getting out of control and out of date

  • Help configure and setup new integrations for eCommerce, single sign on and more

To find out more about these and other services, book an appointment with us to start the discussion.