Efficient Content Authoring

Do More with Less Time

Is your training team efficient at creating the materials they need to support course delivery, support desks and customers? Efficient training content production is critical to reducing the time it takes to go to market.

You will recognise this when you see that your Subject Matter Experts are overloaded and creating the same content (and infomation) multiple times. This means that they cannot be efficient.

Your product documentation, training manuals, eLearning and Online Help all need to be aligned and kept up to date but you find it onerous and time consuming? If you don’t have efficient ways of achieving this synchronisation you cannot reuse the same materials.

Two business men looking at training courses on a tablet

Knowledge Tek have the answer to these perennial problems. Using state of the art technology we create documentation on an application using the application itself. True object recognition examines the underlying code within your application and determines what you are doing. So the software knows when you filling in a field on a form, or selecting items from a drop down list. From this object recognition we can automate the creation of the manuals and eLearning you need.

Once the steps that you perfom in the application have been recorded we then add:

Driving Efficiency Upwards

Most importantly, when using these techniques we increase the authoring efficiency by up to 50%, and distribute the remaining workload away from your Subject Matter Experts, to content editors, instructional designers, reviewers and approvers.

A screenshot showing how you can capture content once and make it available in different ways.
A good tool will let you select multiple ways in which you publish your content

Once complete, tools then extract the documentation topics and insert them into Online Help packages such as Adobe Robohelp or Madcap Flare or into knowledge bases such as in Freshdesk to ensure consistency between the help embedded within your application and your training documentation or techncial documentation.

Contact us to arrange a demonstration and see object recognition and automatic creation of manuals and eLearning in action.