NAVBLUE – How To Make Customer Experience A Success

Learning Technologies 2019 #LT19UK

Learning Objects in Freshdesk As Support Articles

Sophie Colwell, UK Support Manager presenting
Sophie Colwell, UK Support Manager presenting

As some of you noticed, we presented at Learning Technologies this year in conjuntion with NAVBLUE (an Airbus company). Theatre 2 was packed with standing room only at the back, so we think that the topic of choice seemed to hit the mark. The presentation was on “How to make customer experiences a success” and looked at the way learning objects can be re-used in a support desk environment; specifically Freshdesk with FreshCaller IVR telephony.

Sophie explained how NAVBLUE was helping to make customer experience better for their customers through the creation of knowledge bases, whilst Jonathan explained how the knowledge articles were efficiently created and how quality was maintained through the use of workflows. With estimated savings at over £100K per month and happier customers leveraging self-service rather than having to submit helpdesk tickets, this makes a lot of sense.

You can download the presentation now from below.

PDF Download

We took a few questions afterwards including questions on version control and how learning objects actually made their way into the knowledge base, so when you have viewed the presentation and also want to ask us any questions then please contact us or make a comment in the box below if you have an account with us already.


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