Microsoft Insights – A Useful MS Outlook Tool That You Have Probably Never Clicked On


In this blog I’m going to be keeping it fairly short but just sharing with you one of the tools that Microsoft has released with not a lot of fanfare. (Well, none that reached me, anyway!) It’s probably already in your Microsoft Outlook client and is one of those buttons on the ribbon that you have probably never clicked on. Well, I’d like to recommend that you do.

This useful tool gives you some analytical viewpoints on you and your work habits.

Focus Analytics in Insights

Analysis falls into 3 main headings which are easily found on the left hand tabs:


Do you schedule enough time for you to actually work on the projects that you need to work on? How much time do you spend collaborating with others?


Are you working out of hours and do you put aside enough quiet time to switch off from work and keep a healthy work / life balance?


Insights into your network of collaborators and people you work with. Is it growing and who are your top collaborators?

All of the insights available are personal to you, so whatever you see there is for your eyes only unless you choose to share it.

Go ahead and give it a click – maybe you might find something out about yourself that you want to take action on?

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