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For many years now learning and development has been moving gradually away from a reliance on paper and the traditional end of course surveys are one example of these. All manner of solutions are in use, including external tools such as Survey Monkey or built-in survey tools that are part of your LMS. We’ve been building these course surveys under the Data Protection Act rules, but these are about to change.

The General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect on May 25th 2018 and now might be a timely reminder that these innocent course surveys will quite probably need to be included in your GDPR audit if you haven’t done so already. This could also mean that you need to modify your existing end of course surveys.

GDPR Penalties

The maximum that you could be fined for a serious breach of the GDPR regulation is 20 million euros or 4% of global turnover.

What Areas Should I Worry About?

  1. Make sure that the learners completing your survey give consent to you analysing their answers.
  2. If any learner wants to access their data, you have to give it to them.
  3. If the learner wants you to delete their data – you have to.
  4. The Information Commissioners Office needs to be informed of any breaches – quickly.
  5. You should only hold essential data and limit who can see it.
  6. The data must be portable – i.e. you can export it.
  7. You might need a Data Protection Officer.

We just thought that a reminder might be good for some readers.


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