Coronavirus Offer of Free Help for Small UK Business

Do You Need An Online Shop?

Knowledge Tek is today offering to help small UK businesses that have been forced to close down their face to face business with the creation of an online retail store in conjunction with our partners at Shopify.

Our offer includes the following free services:

  • Remote meeting to find out about your business and your requirements to gauge suitability
  • If suitable then Knowledge Tek will build a development online store for you with a few sample products for you to see
  • Another remote meeting to train you and as many people as you need on how to operate the store
  • Help and guidance through the testing of your online shop while you get up and running

Not included in our offer are the following costs:

  • Purchase of a domain name that matches your business – although these are cheap and readily available
  • Monthly running costs of the store incurred with Shopify once it is handed over to you (but these can be as low as $26 per month)
  • Ad-hoc costs based on your requirements that are at this point unknown

We will undertake to do this for as many companies as we have capacity to help on a first-come, first-served basis and under no obligations or liabilities. If you do need help to survive in these challenging times then please email [email protected] and let’s see what we can achieve together.