Backups in TT-Knowledge Force

Automatic Backups Are There

One of the things that seems to happen more often than it probably ought to, is that people delete a file from the server without meaning to. I think the problem lies in the GUI for TT-Knowledge Force and the way that people interpret it, but you can have a situation like this, where more than one file appears to be selected.

In the screenshot above, which one is selected? Which one would be deleted if you clicked on the delete button on the ribbon? Unfortunately, it’s not the one that you would probably think. The issue occurs because of the way that the user clicks, in this example they clicked on the top “Flight Details” document text first, and then they decided to click on the checkbox for the second “Flight Details” document second. If they then click on the delete button, the one that is deleted is the one that they clicked on first. Not a very intuitive GUI I can hear you groaning, and I would agree with you.

The good news though is that very often you will have just uploaded the new document from your local workspace and in this scenario, you can retrieve the document you just deleted.

TT-KF keeps an automatic backup of the files you upload, and you just need to know where to look in order to restore them. They are in your C:\Users\<your name>\ttkf\backups folder if you performed a standard installation.

Restore a Deleted TT-Knowledge Force Document

Now that you know where the files are it is time to restore them. Simply right click in your local workspace document list and select the import option. Point to the same folder and use the time and date stamps on the files to help you determine which file to restore.

That’s it! Really very simple indeed. I hope this helps other unfortunate people out there.

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