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Learning Tech 2018 Summer Forum Presentation

Getting More From Learning Objects Thanks to everybody who attended todays Learning Technologies Summer forum. The topic in question was “How to get more from learning objects?” and we had three main ideas and a bonus idea. In summary: Idea #1 – Extend the content authoring repository and leverage AICC within your LMS. This greatly reduces the maintenance effort required

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Getting More from Learning Objects – Learning Technologies Summer Forum

London Olympia 12th Jun 2018 @ 13:45 – 14:15 in Theatre 4 Getting More from Learning Objects Small and granular, learning objects are easy for learners to consume and can be delivered at the point of need. We are going to be presenting in Olympia at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum in assocation with our partner; TT-S. In this session

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GDPR and End of Course Surveys

Happy Sheet Surveys a.k.a. End of Course Survey For many years now learning and development has been moving gradually away from a reliance on paper and the traditional end of course surveys are one example of these. All manner of solutions are in use, including external tools such as Survey Monkey or built-in survey tools that are part of your

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